Monday, 21 August 2017

Pitcure book

Image result for all 8 planetsWalt: understand information collected from multiple sources. We will defnitelly go discover these misteres 8 planets there is only 8 planets though said chu,How old are you.I only just ate.Cmon this place just made me faint,.I wanna go to another planet were it wont make me faint.Oh yeah we are going to outer space in a better place its better then this human race.Lets go 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0.Blast off.Wow this is amazing yeah it does look cool.

First up mercury oh yeah cmon let's go hurry up and chop the doh.ahhhhhhhhhhh.Nope no way I am getting out there it is to hot and man its not fare.Its rather to hot and in the shade it's to cold.Okay yep lets go.

2nd to the sun is venus we are here yay.Hip hip harry,chanted chu.Why are you chanting chu you just had the flu.But here we are and this is way to hot.It cant be to cool.Okay lets go.

Hey look, what do you know it's our very own planet the 3rd planet from the sun who cares it's just a bunch of poo.

Hey can you see that planet definitely who can't ooh chu did you do poo no said chu it just the lou.Okay we're off ahh ahh now thats a cough dont have a bough.Oh no its alright I think so is alright I just find it a little to hot.

Next planet here we come were going to just look at it chu we cant go into it we will just fall right through it ok next planet is saturn.

Hhwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thats Just burning right through it.Next planet Is uranus.Task description This  is a pitcure book for year 1s.We are suppost to teach them a lesson.

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