Friday, 10 February 2017


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Friends of the Kowhai Tree  
Number 1 the tui,tuis are found alot around New Zealand cause they like our tree the kowhai tree.Number 2 the kukupa,the kukupa is known such as something like a pigeon,but even more coulourful they also like going around the kowhai tree too.Last but not least we have the belbird,belbird is a nice yellow bid just like the kowhai but thing is the belbird is hard to see because it looks like a kowhai and thats all we have for today.
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Height of a kowhai tree = 25 meteres and under
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What is Kowhai Tree? Kowhai trees are bright yellow flowers it atracts birds such as tui belbird kukupa.

Kowhai is a Native Tree  
Explain what a Native tree is.A native tree is like something that grows here naturally.
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