Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Avengers Assemble!
Narrative Writing


WALT: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

This week we are creating a piece of narrative writing about a comic book hero!

You are to choose one of the above pictures as your story starter or even your story finisher. Not sure what this means? Well, the picture could depict what is happening in the beginning of your story. You would describe the events from the picture then tell your audience what happens next. Or if you’re using the picture as your story ending, what are the events that led to this action packed scene?

Fill in the below table to help you plan.

Your Thoughts and Answers:
Are you using the picture as the beginning or ending of your story?
Hero: hulk deadpool deathstroke ironman spiderman thor
All the heroes destroy all the ultron clones and defeat the villains
Villain: ultrons clones green goblin ultron loki

Other Characters (if any):

Problem: ultrons clones try to use a bomb to destroy the whole universe


If beginning, what could happen next?

If ending, what happened before this scene?

Start Writing Here:
One day there was some heroes that thought about the world and not just themselves  but there assemble.Those heroes were named hulk a big green guy that destroys anything in his path.Next up we got a guy knowed as Deadpool he was a guy that can use telecanises and cant die he had guns and swords.Then we got a guy named Deathstroke he would never miss a bullet against anyonehe also had metal armor he carys swords also.

Then we got a guy named Tony knowed as ironman he works with a robot named Jarvis, Jarvis will calculate anything for Tony in his needs.Last but not least we have spider man every one should him named as Peter Parker he gets bitten from a spider which gives him the power to stick on walls.But last we have Thor the god of lightning he uses a hammer that no one can pick up and he throws it around like a boomerang.They were all the heroes.

One day they got a call that there was robots destroying the city so the heroes went down to see what was wrong until they said ‘’that's ultrons clones’’ so the heroes all tried to destroy them and make sure none got hurt or injured.So they destroyed all of them.Then they saw green goblin so spiderman said ‘’ill take care of him while you guys go on ahead’’. So then soon spiderman said that was easier then I thought.So they caried on to see if there was any more trouble and they saw more and more Ultron clones so they tried to destroy them but until they saw Ultron Deadpool tried shooting Ultron in the head but the ultron clone jumped in the way.So Hulk tried to destroy Ultron while the others went to fight the other ultrons.But hulk put on a real tough fight,and the others did to.

They destroyed all the Ultrons and even Ultron himself, then soon Thor the god of  lightning absorbed his brothers power Loki so Thor teleported to where Loki was but before Thor left he said if i'm not back  i'll be fighting my brother Loki he's trying to destroy the world.So the Others still kept going on and they saw Thor fighting Loki so all the heroes tried to stop Loki from destroying the world and soon anoth they detroyed Loki and stoped his core from destroyind the earth.

And the heroes lived happy ever after.

The end


Wednesday, 1 June 2016

super hero story

In a big big city called Gotham city there lived a man named Bruce Wayne but everyone calls him the Batman.Batman was a superhero that would stop villains from attacking the city.But there was another hero that would stop villains and his name was Robin.He was Batman's sidekick.He would help Batman in anyway.

But one day Batman and Robin went out to see if there was anyone in danger especially from a villain named Joker.Joker was a clown that thinks he's funny, But he liked to prank people.That was Batman's worst Villain.

Soon enough they found Joker in wrecking ball trying to knock cities over and also trying to drop paintballs from a plain.So batman and Robin tried to destroy Jokers Wrecking ball but Joker said ‘’ You  gotta  go thru my little freinds first ‘’ But Batman destroyed the plain droppng pantballs While Robin was trying to destroy Jokers robots.

So soon they destroyed all of Jokers stuff and Joker never ever came back.So batman and Robin went back to there house and relaxed.They had a hot choclate and slept until there was more trouble again.

The end