Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Flavour of love/mi/ent for love

                                   Flavour of love/mi/ent for love

Flavour of love is like the taste of mint choc chip do you like it ,I sure do its upon one of my favourite chocolate. So delicious and full of taste.   

This product has chocolate on the bottom of it then it has mint choc chip in the middle with the outside not closed. The product is cadbury.It's quite full of it very good and very delite.

You know what it smelt like love felt like love taste like love .Everything was made with love.This never gets old this product always will remain nice.Everything is almost perfect.

I think this product needs more mint and more choc chip and I wish the product was bigger.I recon it would be the best out of all of all chocolate ever created.

I would rate this product a 8/10.If it fixes all its mistakes it would be a ten.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

maori fishing

Walt synthesise information from across multiple texts.Task description make these very good and detailed

past and present

2 Kids separated by 100’s of years in time. One from the past, one from the present. Compare how different travelling to a new country would be for them and their families.
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Year 1217

Year 2017

If Afu and his family were going to be travelling to New Zealand.
If me and my family were going to be travelling to Samoa.
Describe what kind of vessel Afu and his family would use to travel. Be detailed.
  • A nice wooden waka with a great white sail.
How long will the journey likely take?
  • 8 days less
What would he probably do during the trip?
  • Walking navigating and eating

Describe what kind of vessel you and your family would use to travel. Be detailed.
  • A good cumfy nice airplane.
How long will the journey likely take?
  • 2 hours
What would you probably do during the trip?
  • Watching movies eating getting served playing games.

Walt: think critically about what we read.Task description we are learning what transport the Marios used to use and what people use now.

dear diary

Walt: think critically about what we read.Task description Write about the past is past and the presents present.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Islander story

I was of to a rugby game but until my plane crashed.I fell into the water and then I floated on the island.I was guttered.

First things first I will check the Island for any food and material I can use.Then I will try to make a house and something to keep me warm.After that I will catch some food and then I will make a boat so that I can swim if no one sees my call.Then I will bring all the food on the island.

I will get my food by climbing the coconut tree If its too tall.I will also sharpen a stick and get something stretchy and tie it to another stick I will be done. Im also going to take a pig's teeth.I could get some coconuts and get some water in it then I could get some sticks and I could make a fire.

My signal will be a fire at night and in day I will make a big help sign.And then I will stand on a volcano and wave banana leave because it is big.Or I will Hit a tree down. So the pilot will think what there is a broken tree with no one there.

I still, though was on the volcano looking around until I saw a Jet ski.I saw a lot of them they were just going around crazy all of them then I looked further up,and saw a big country.I had no idea that that was there.I was on the end of the Island.I was glad.Walt: Write from the 1st person.Task description Make it out alive soldier.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Now I am a good thinker

Walt make your reader make a deal and think wise for them.Task description Think good feel good do good.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Walt: think critically about what we read.Task description Make these fish get lured into your hook by the same coulors

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now thats thinking

Hi guys back usual now it's time for Term 2.Now this time were learning about what technology the Maori’s use to back in the days. Im really looking forward to it.

Our school topic is Now that's thinking.Team 1 is learning about kites.Team 2 is similar but They're also learning about Matariki.Team 3 is just copying both of them. Were learning Team 4 about old technology .Lucky last Team 5 was learning about fixing things.

Team 4 always has the best learning no matter the cost.Our movie seemed cool so I guess our learning will be fun.Our movie was about what kind of technology was the old people doing back in the days and how they would resist.

I wasn't looking forward to this topic this term.I was hoping to see the dinosaurs at the museum and other old living creatures.The reason why is because dinosaurs are cool and are very describable and they look awesome.

What I think about our topic 1 to 10 ill rate it as a 5 average.I think its not bad cause it sound kind of catchy.All the prefects and the principal always make the school themes.They always are cool.