Thursday, 28 July 2016

we are the campions

WALT: use rounding and compensating to solve word problems

we are the champions

Walt: use a plan when writingImage result for olympics rings
> In 2 weeks I am going to compete in the 2016 olympics event.I have been waiting for this event for four years.I am competing in the weightlifting event.

Hello my name is jhyvarntreh.I am representing my country Cook Island .An I've been waiting for a long long time.Ive trained for 4 years and I recon i'm going to win it.I am doing weightlifting.Weightlifting is a sport when you have to lift up a 50kg weights but you have a  pole and some weights on it I am going to win a gold medal.

This will be my first year competing in the competition.Im going to compete with a lot of famous people,even some of the best people in the whole world.But im still going to train as hard as I can to reach that gold medal.

I will train hard so I could be the best. Im going to win this thing.

the end

Thursday, 7 July 2016

as i see it

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Good bye my fans churry. Hope you have a good safe holiday.Be good to your parents and also make kindness go viral.

as i see it

as i see it

Planning a Short Story
Walt: plan stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

Invinsible man
                   Cant get hurt
                    Cant die
                      Can turn into a elemental dragon and can make dragons
Super speed
Death spreads  poisonous gas and everyone gets sick

Invisible man was a scientist
And he was doing and experiment he tested and ant to be invinsible and the ant bites invinsible man
Death spreads the poisonous
Across the whole city and invisinsible man needs to save them
Death gets blasted off to another planet

Once upon a time there lived a scientist.His name was Adam.Adam was a very good scientist.He got paid a lot of money.

So one day Adam done an experiment about I
invinsinbillity.He tried it on an ant to see if it will work then soon after the experiment the ant bit Adam. Adam got Knocked out and he went to the sickbay.It was so soon till Adam woke up.When Adam woke up he said to himself ‘’what is great power I can feel  it’’.Adam went home just like the wind.He watched the news and it said ‘’breaking news on live tv there is a poisounous gas spreading over the city and people are getting sick thee were stuff splashing cars exploding people caughing like Boom, smash, bang, ting,crack,bam.So then after that Adam went down to the city to see what was wrong and there he saw  the gas.The gas was coming right towards Adam.Adam couldnt control his body his body ran wright threw the gas with out no hassel.But Adam wanted to go back.He still coudnt control his body.But his body was leading to a man Adam said ‘’hello are you alright’’and the man said ‘’back im more fine then you could possibly look’’.Adam said ‘’im alright’’.So the man turns back and says ‘’what how ant you sick’’.So Adam said ‘’your the one making everyone sick’’.The man said ‘’yep thats right im the evilest person in the whole world’’. Adam made a random elemental dragon come out of his hands and the evil man jumped up and dodged the dragon and he squirt out gas, as he  squirted out his gas he said ‘’my name is death’’.’’I'm the evilest villain on this planet’’.Adam replied ‘’well that evilest villain will blast off to outer space’’.Adam made another elemental dragon but the dragon hit death and took him outer of space.But Adam still had to save the people from getting sick.Adam sent long long elemental dragons to save the people,Adam said they will take care of it.The dragons took the sick  people to the hospitals and Adam ran his house and Adam lived happily ever after.


The end

Tuesday, 5 July 2016