Friday, 24 February 2017

Mr Goodwin and Mr Moran

Walt: solve addition and subtraction problems using different strategies.task description I need to understand decimals.

Native birds to other countries

Would you like to see a Tui.Image result for tuiYou might of seen one or you probably haven't because this bird only stays in New Zealand.Have you ever seen a Peregrine Falcon before Image result for peregrine falconwell you must of cause this bird flies mostly around every country.Or what about a Australian King Parrot Image result for australian king parrotwell these ones you've never might of seen,a Golden Eagle Image result for golden eagleHave ya. Walt try make these birds sound interesting.Task description Is there birds you have never seen before.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

the race

Have you ever had a race none like before well you probably did to.My teacher Mr goodwin told us to line up on the line and didn't know anything and he just said the instructions.Then he just randomly said ‘’go’’ just like Boooom.

But we just ran and ran until it was finished we had to run all the way to the golf post and back.It was easy peasy. Cause why cause I came first just like most races.I always win races cause I reckon I'm pretty fast for my age but no biggy.

You should have a try at it,its really really fun especially if there's heaps of people like all your friends.It couldnt get more fun.It was better than a new movie coming out of the cinemas.I just waited for everyone to come. Then we had a little tiny break.

Then we just lined up for a drink of water. Then we had our water then we walked back to class.Then we had a big big rest.Then we continued our work.

Walt: write a recount about our experience.     Task description...Make this writing good so it can help you with your writing tom

Friday, 17 February 2017

Subtract and add decimals

Task description  how to subtract and ad decimals

Walt: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

Dad vs Charlie

Task description Make these speech bubbles right.Walt: make connections across multiple texts

Thursday, 16 February 2017

native birds

task description report that bird.

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Paper skyscraper

WALT: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever built a skyscraper  out of a newspaper?Well I have.But you need to make it tall like my one.Man I wish I was so small so I could go inside it and  I will live happily ever after.Wouldn't you.You can go upstairs and just do what you wish.But no I wish I actually Built it like this I got my group of friends of 7 then we started building.We 1st done the rolling of the paper into a cylinder,2nd we got the paper and started stacking then we got stick tape and sticked it to the paper then we just stacked and done just like that.

Well we did’nt seem to succeed as we thought.We just lost.We did’nt know what went on.We tried very hard and done it with pride.I  learned that being bossy isn't nice so I looked at the other teams and they looked happy.We all laughed and then we put it in the bin. Then we just carried on.

Task description We always need to build the tallest tower ever created so you win a prize.
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Friday, 10 February 2017


Image result for kowhai
Friends of the Kowhai Tree  
Number 1 the tui,tuis are found alot around New Zealand cause they like our tree the kowhai tree.Number 2 the kukupa,the kukupa is known such as something like a pigeon,but even more coulourful they also like going around the kowhai tree too.Last but not least we have the belbird,belbird is a nice yellow bid just like the kowhai but thing is the belbird is hard to see because it looks like a kowhai and thats all we have for today.
Image result for tui
Height of a kowhai tree = 25 meteres and under
Image result for kukupa
What is Kowhai Tree? Kowhai trees are bright yellow flowers it atracts birds such as tui belbird kukupa.

Kowhai is a Native Tree  
Explain what a Native tree is.A native tree is like something that grows here naturally.
Image result for bellbirdWalt: write quality introductions.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Fast food maths


Have you ever eaten chicken flavoured worms?> Well Mr Goodwin is insane so he would give us worms, because he might of had a bit of too much coffee,But he still is the best teacher.> I did not no this was going to happen.
Image result for fried worms
Walt: write quality introductions.

Introduction Rubric

My introduction is boring.
It is difficult to read.
My introduction is easy to read and has some interest for my audience.
My audience is hooked into my subject, it grabs their interest so they feel like they want to read more.
When someone reads my introduction they are left feeling intrigued. They can't wait to read more.
My introduction does not tell the reader what my writing is going to be about.
My audience has some idea about what I am writing about.
My audience is clear what I am writing about.
My introduction lets the reader know the direction and purpose of my writing.
Task description Well yeah it does feel cool trying out new things maybe you should try out new things.
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Friday, 3 February 2017