Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Paper skyscraper

WALT: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever built a skyscraper  out of a newspaper?Well I have.But you need to make it tall like my one.Man I wish I was so small so I could go inside it and  I will live happily ever after.Wouldn't you.You can go upstairs and just do what you wish.But no I wish I actually Built it like this I got my group of friends of 7 then we started building.We 1st done the rolling of the paper into a cylinder,2nd we got the paper and started stacking then we got stick tape and sticked it to the paper then we just stacked and done just like that.

Well we did’nt seem to succeed as we thought.We just lost.We did’nt know what went on.We tried very hard and done it with pride.I  learned that being bossy isn't nice so I looked at the other teams and they looked happy.We all laughed and then we put it in the bin. Then we just carried on.

Task description We always need to build the tallest tower ever created so you win a prize.
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