Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Flavour of love/mi/ent for love

                                   Flavour of love/mi/ent for love

Flavour of love is like the taste of mint choc chip do you like it ,I sure do its upon one of my favourite chocolate. So delicious and full of taste.   

This product has chocolate on the bottom of it then it has mint choc chip in the middle with the outside not closed. The product is cadbury.It's quite full of it very good and very delite.

You know what it smelt like love felt like love taste like love .Everything was made with love.This never gets old this product always will remain nice.Everything is almost perfect.

I think this product needs more mint and more choc chip and I wish the product was bigger.I recon it would be the best out of all of all chocolate ever created.

I would rate this product a 8/10.If it fixes all its mistakes it would be a ten.

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