Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now thats thinking

Hi guys back usual now it's time for Term 2.Now this time were learning about what technology the Maori’s use to back in the days. Im really looking forward to it.

Our school topic is Now that's thinking.Team 1 is learning about kites.Team 2 is similar but They're also learning about Matariki.Team 3 is just copying both of them. Were learning Team 4 about old technology .Lucky last Team 5 was learning about fixing things.

Team 4 always has the best learning no matter the cost.Our movie seemed cool so I guess our learning will be fun.Our movie was about what kind of technology was the old people doing back in the days and how they would resist.

I wasn't looking forward to this topic this term.I was hoping to see the dinosaurs at the museum and other old living creatures.The reason why is because dinosaurs are cool and are very describable and they look awesome.

What I think about our topic 1 to 10 ill rate it as a 5 average.I think its not bad cause it sound kind of catchy.All the prefects and the principal always make the school themes.They always are cool.

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