Wednesday, 22 February 2017

the race

Have you ever had a race none like before well you probably did to.My teacher Mr goodwin told us to line up on the line and didn't know anything and he just said the instructions.Then he just randomly said ‘’go’’ just like Boooom.

But we just ran and ran until it was finished we had to run all the way to the golf post and back.It was easy peasy. Cause why cause I came first just like most races.I always win races cause I reckon I'm pretty fast for my age but no biggy.

You should have a try at it,its really really fun especially if there's heaps of people like all your friends.It couldnt get more fun.It was better than a new movie coming out of the cinemas.I just waited for everyone to come. Then we had a little tiny break.

Then we just lined up for a drink of water. Then we had our water then we walked back to class.Then we had a big big rest.Then we continued our work.

Walt: write a recount about our experience.     Task description...Make this writing good so it can help you with your writing tom

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