Wednesday, 1 June 2016

super hero story

In a big big city called Gotham city there lived a man named Bruce Wayne but everyone calls him the Batman.Batman was a superhero that would stop villains from attacking the city.But there was another hero that would stop villains and his name was Robin.He was Batman's sidekick.He would help Batman in anyway.

But one day Batman and Robin went out to see if there was anyone in danger especially from a villain named Joker.Joker was a clown that thinks he's funny, But he liked to prank people.That was Batman's worst Villain.

Soon enough they found Joker in wrecking ball trying to knock cities over and also trying to drop paintballs from a plain.So batman and Robin tried to destroy Jokers Wrecking ball but Joker said ‘’ You  gotta  go thru my little freinds first ‘’ But Batman destroyed the plain droppng pantballs While Robin was trying to destroy Jokers robots.

So soon they destroyed all of Jokers stuff and Joker never ever came back.So batman and Robin went back to there house and relaxed.They had a hot choclate and slept until there was more trouble again.

The end

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  1. Hi Jhyvarntreh,

    I like how you wrote your super hero, I like the part when they destroyed all of jokers friends and joker never came back. I hope to see many more of your super heroes.