Thursday, 30 March 2017

Red Back spider Vs the Mimic chameleon spider

Once upon a time there lived a Chameleon mimic spider it was so cautious But deadly on the other hand.There was just one other thing it hated other spiders it was so deadly only because of what it can do.

It could mimic anything that it thinks,that's going to threaten it.It could turn camouflage and it could also look like its prey or its enemy.It lives in The rain forest and guess what there is only 5 of them in the world.They are so very rare.

One day the MC spider went out for lunch it seemed very hungry.It loved jumping spiders and insects its rival is a red back spider They hate each other because centuries ago they made an agreement that they won't start trouble with anyone.But they broke that promise.So the Red backs and the MC spiders Had a great war together They shared generations and generations fighting upon each other.
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That was when they started to Hate each other and becoming rivals with one another.That was also how they are both rare in this world so this battle will known to be a legendary fight.The MC spider takes the first shot and shoots a cobweb and then the Red back Gets stuck and so the MC spider inserts vicious venom in the red back and red back dies slowly.

The Mc spider takes the glory and his reward is lunch.So the MC Image result for red back spiderspider lives happily ever after.

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