Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Native bird writing

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Wouldn’t you like more Native birds than non native birds?I really want you guys to look after these little fellas so we can have more trees.We need these guys for pollution.

Some birds like Tui need to be around this area don’t you think.We need more of these birds around this area Tamaki.But if we look after them,they might come around here.

Hey guys would you like more birds yes or no.The reason why is cause we need more native birds around our community so we can have more trees and live our life here the best that we can.I really do want a couple of these birds But I really want a bellbird lets see what you feel about these birds.

Man these non native birds to gap it otherwise our native birds will be killed.We need these guys like New Zealand falcons to fly where they came from.We need way way less of these non native birds.

I feel like this whole thing needs to be rearranged.We just need more and more birds.We need to live life.

WALT: write persuasively.      Task description;We need more birds in our community Tamaki.

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