Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space writing

I am living in earth but it's getting destroyed because there is no plants.The reason is there is no bees in the planet so we got three years to think of a different planet.Which planet should we got to.I would happily possibly go mercury.I do not know but in my research there is a bit of land that looks safe.

Image result for aliensThe problem though is that there is aliens I do not know whether they're safe or not but I think that is very cool.It kind of looks safe enough but there's only one way to find out we have to try and be friends. Sooner he told me his name it was GG so then I told him my name it is Jason.Please to meet you Jason I was wondering if you could help me fix our planet earth or find another planet.I am on a top mission trying to find out what is causing it. I think it is cause the bees are dying and no one really cares.NRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRrrrrrrrrrrrr PSHHHHH.who is this Intruder gg He is my’’ friend’’ friend ‘’yes’’I just met him he is really nice he is trying to find another planet to stay.I do not care This human being is so ugly.Where are you from who has sent you I am from planet earth and my planet is dying and  we are trying to find another plImage result for aliensanet.Well guess what you are in luck we got the right planet for you It is called mercury it is similar to your very own planet we have food just like you let me introduce the city to you here I will come and show you around so later he saw the rest of the town but the town kept on giving him evil looks and licking faces.Your dinner boy,a family said.Task description we are learning about space and so we wanted to write a narrative.Walt: structure a narrative piece of writing. 

Later that night when Jason went sleep he had been kidnapped he did not know who these people were he had a black bag over him and rope tied around him.He heard boiling water he thought to himself what could that be.Am I possibly going to be boiled From these pesky things.They took the bag of Jason's head.You again But why Ahh der cause you look tasty nice.Were having you for dinner and that's that.

Any last words before we chop you into 100 pieces ohhhh mummy I will have the head and I will have the legs fair enough.Wyaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhn Boom! Goes the cannon how did you know we were here because I know where every house is in this town It is not that big.But when we saw the lady she said she wanted you for dinner so we then came to your room to check on you and you weren't there so then the only place you should be is in a boiling pot.So then they had admit there fault and they said they were sorry and they will never do it again so later the whole world came in to a jet and they went to mercury and they lived happily ever after.

We can now live on this planet Thanks to our hero Jason all hail Jason.Thank you Thank you everyone.we will now live happy.

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