Thursday, 17 November 2016

Wisk deep clean

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A jingle is a catchy phrase or slogan, often set to a fun tune, that is used to advertise a certain product. You can hear jingles on TV or radio commercials. Jingles are usually short and very memorable. -

Writing your own Jingle

STEP #1: Choose the product you want to advertise. Pick a brand of Laundry powder from a google search.

Chosen Laundry powder
Image result for laundry detergentWisk Deep clean

STEP #2: Write down all the words you can think of that describe your favorite product. Think about how it looks, what it sounds like, how it smells, and what it does. Also consider how it makes you feel when you have your favorite product.

Words that describe the product
This is what we call Wisk deep clean this product smells like raspberry.

STEP #3: Look at your word list and determine which words rhyme.

Rhyming words 1
Rhyming words 2
Rhyming words 3
Rhyming words 4
Clean screen
Raspberry dairy
Wisk risc

STEP #4: Begin writing short sentences that describe your product. Be sure to include words from your list in step #2 and use the Rhyming words from Step #3.

Line 1
Wisk deep clean can clean anything
Line 2
Misses sippy queen
Line 3
Deep and steep

Step #5 Record using and share your jingle using Online voice recorder

  • Share it on your blog with a paragraph about what you are advertising

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