Friday, 20 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

WALT: recount an event.
TASK DESCRIPTION: I wrote a superhero story.

Hi I am going to introduce you to our immersion assembly. This term our topic is called as i see it.

The city is getting attack. But there were superheroes that could do the job there names were Invisible Man,Smarty,and last of all a Tough big fast guy named thing.They tried to stop the evil villains.The villains tried to get like a special key in the safe.

The safe kept a key that was a very special thing, it held a thing that could grant anything you want.That was why the superheroes had to protect it from the villains.The villains wanted the power to destroy in the entire world. But the villains tried to blow the safe they almost destroyed it.

But when the superheroes came the villains ran away as fast as they could and they never came back.Then when the villains ran away Smarty one of the heroes repaired the safe and made it way stronger. Smarty made the safe gold so they would break their hands if they do come back. The hero named thing ran to the villains and punched them all the way to America.Then the superheroes lived happily ever after.

The end

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